Hiring a Bookkeeper for your real estate bookkeeping and accounting needs is an important step toward achieving a future of growth and keep your expenses organized. When realtors hire a bookkeeper to manage the books they’re putting their best foot forward. This article will outline the top reasons NYC realtors should be using bookkeepers to manage expenses, financial statements and more.

1. Time is Money

The number one reason you should hire a bookkeeper for your small or large real estate business, is the long term savings you’ll benefit from. Taking the time to separate personal expenses from business expenses, or staying on top of financial documents will take the time away from growing your business. If you’re a professional real estate investor, developer or realtor, you’re time would be better spent growing or maintaining the business.

2. Bookkeepers are Experts in Organizing and Tracking Expenses

Whether your looking for remote or outsourced bookkeeping for your real estate business, Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services has a solution. Each property you manage comes with many expenses, by having a bookkeeper keep them organized, you’ll be able to stay on track and properly document where your money’s being spent. There are many other expenses to keep track of such as travel mileage, insurance, independent contractors and repairs.

3. Real Estate Bookkeepers Understand the Business

At Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services, our team of real estate accountants and bookkeepers are familiar with the best business practices, when dealing with property management, flipping houses, investments or rehabs. We understand the main differences separating rental properties from real estate investments. Using a real estate bookkeeper can help you keep each rental properties expenses separate. Separating your properties will allow you to see where you’re money is being made and easy access to any documents you may need.

4. Taking Advantage of all Tax Deductions

Real estate investors and agents are entitled to many tax deductions that if not documented properly, can easily fall by the waist side. Using a bookkeeper for your real estate finances will allow you to take full advantage of all tax deductions and also relieve you of unnecessary stress during tax season. For more tax tips for real estate investors click here.

At Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services we offer both real estate bookkeeping and accounting services in order to cover all areas of the financial business. Our real estate services include but are not limited to estate planning, tax minimization strategies and transaction planning. If this sounds like something you may need for your business give us a call today to schedule a consultation.