Individual Services

Navigate the difficult world of personal finances and taxes

  • Wealth management 
  • Retirement and succession planning 
  • Individual tax optimization   
  • Reduce your headaches and grow your wealth 

Every year, Congress promises to simplify the tax code, but every year, the tax code seems to become more complicated than ever. If you’ve tried tax preparation software and found it confusing, you’re not alone. At Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services, we take the onerous task of tax preparation off of your plate, so you can focus more on your life, your family, or your business. 

We handle both personal and business 

Many new business owners, real estate agents, and sole proprietors tend to mix personal and business assets, because they are set up wrong when it comes to their entity or they aren’t sure how to separate the two. We start from your foundation; ensuring you are structured the right way, setting up or updating your books, and helping you separate personal and business expenses and assets. Then we move on to tax advisory services and offer you comprehensive support for your taxes, books, and overall finances.  

What we do for you

The benefit of working with Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services is that you get far more than just a tax preparer. We are your financial partner. That means we actively plan and work with you throughout the year to lower your tax liability, ensure you are taking the right steps to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, and strategize ways to grow and preserve your hard earned wealth. 

Wealth Management

Wealth management is a high-level professional service that provides an integrated approach to growing and preserving income and assets, as well as determining how much of a client’s wealth is to be distributed and for what use.

Tax Planning

We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after tax income. We look at your financial picture as a whole to ensure you are taking full advantage of deductions and classifying your situation correctly.

Personal Financial Planning

You get one-on-one guidance and a comprehensive financial plan that helps manage risk, improve performance, and ensure the growth and longevity of your wealth.

Retirement Planning

Do not put retirement planning on the back burner. Use a tax professional to plan ahead now, and reap the benefits later.