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About Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services

Managing your business’ bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll needs can be stressful. Our staff is devoted to taking you step by step through the process, offering you peace of mind, greater understanding, and excellent communication. We’re a full service accounting, tax planning, and business advisory firm that works with companies of all sizes, in all stages of development, throughout the entire country.

Founded in 2002, we have helped hundreds of businesses get their finances in order and save thousands of dollars each and every year. Our qualified remote staff all have either an accounting or business degree and are QuickBooks trained and certified. You can hire our CFO and accounting services for a fraction of the cost of an in house employee or team.

Why work with us

We take the time to understand your business, implementing state-of-the-art accounting techniques tailored just for you, all while providing a level of service and support that’s unique in the market.

Visionary accounting is about taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Where most accountants focus only on balancing the books, we’re taking your business to the next level.

Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services will help you:

  • Improve the quality of your accounting and make your books more useful
  • Significantly reduce your tax bill
  • Avoid penalties and fees
  • More accurately project revenue and cash flow
  • Have a dedicated accounting team at your disposal

About our founder, Margo Masri

Margo was inspired to launch her company after witnessing many business owners struggling to navigate the complex maze that is modern accounting.

Two decades later, after providing bespoke financial solutions to thousands of happy clients, Margo and her company have a proven track record and process that works. Over that time, Margo has helped her clients achieve consistent business growth and reach their full potential on a rock solid financial footing.

“Ultimately, if you want to come out on top you need something more – an edge. A trusted coach and advisor who can look at your regime from the outside in and identify areas for improvement, force you to work on your weakness and – sometimes – just say the right thing at the right time to give you that little extra boost.” -Margo

Margo understands the challenges that many business owners face. She is a single parent running a growing and successful company. That experience has taught her that business owners can’t have too much on their plate. What she and her company do is take the burden of managing the financial side of the business off of the owner’s shoulders, so they can focus more on revenue generating activities and their families.

Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services has grown tremendously, recently being ranked among the Top 18 Bookkeepers in New York multiple, featured in Top 100 In Finance magazine, and receiving the RED Award for Tax, Business Growth Strategist, and CFO of the Year.
While many accountants will help you get a handle on your finances, Margo aims to go a whole lot further. Her visionary accounting solutions are carefully designed not only to get the numbers straight, but to greatly accelerate business growth and profitability.

Margo is passionate about educating business owners on the tax, accounting, and financial aspects of their companies. That’s why she launched an education platform called the Ultimate Business Resource and frequently puts out written and video content on her LinkedIn and Facebook pages. She is here to be a resource for your business moving forward.

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