DIY Accounting

Virtual Course

The University of Education for Small Business Owners.
Release the frustration & make friends with your financials so you can master your business through the power of strategic accounting systems.
The 9 most power fundamentals of finances. I know exactly where Business owners get stuck each day and in this course, we will crush the fundamentals.

The first few weeks of Accountable U will deal with the basics: understanding why it’s important to be involved in your business finances and examining your current state. We’ll set goals and expectations and finally an action plan And, because all of this can get to be too much, we’ll look into mindset techniques to help keep all this as stress-free as possible. Yes, exercise and self-care are things you should schedule into your workday! During the next few weeks, we’ll focus on my nine fundamental principles for effective, paperless DIY accounting. We’ll tackle subjects like taxes, expenses, record-keeping, scheduling, and more. You’ll learn the most efficient techniques for managing your accounts and ensuring everything is tracked and documented for when tax season rolls around.

This is where you’ll really get to take that accounting software for a test drive and learn to make the most of your cloud-based filing system. The organization is key here, so we’ll make sure you build a strong foundation to work from.



  • Introduction
  • Setting Expectations
  • Setting Goals
  • Mindset
  • Why is this all important?

Outcome – See where you are going and create alignment within

Current Situation & Investigation


  • Fill out a personal worksheet of finances
  • Action plan should connect back to goals from wk 1
  • Document retention and naming
  • Choose cloud based system to store

Outcome – See what you want is attainable


7 Lessons

  • Do not get lost in choices
  • Stories
  • Limiting beliefs
  • How it holds us back
  • How to handle the process and the new you
  • Possibilities
  • Heart versus the mind

Outcome – Know how to handle your mindset on your own

Operate and Maintain First 5 of Margo’s Financial Fundamentals

5 Lessons

  • Go paperless
  • Separate personal and business
  • Plan for major expenses
  • Set aside for taxes
  • Regular records

Outcome – If an area in our business is failing we have a place to go to get stronger and not think our entire business is falling.

Last 4 of Margo’s Fundamental Principles

4 Lessons

  • Monitor Accounts Payable
  • Plastic credit card
  • Calendar reminders
  • Review Accounts Receivable

Outcome – If an area in our business is failing we have a place to go to get stronger and not think our entire business is falling.

Plan for the Future

4 Lessons

  • Budget
  • Monthly pay
  • Strategy for the business itself
  • What do you need to give up

Outcome – Your ideal situation to wake up to putting on our creativity hat to get there.