Golden Growers Package

Golden Growers

Advanced Accounting and Bookkeeping Package

For most entrepreneurs, getting their business finances in order is a necessary evil. working with an accountant or bookkeeper – is just so incredibly important.

  1. Go Paperless – There’s no excuse to be drowning in physical receipts. 
  2. Separate personal and business – Keep business and personal finances separate.
  3. Plan for Major Expenses – Be prepared for unforeseen business expenses   
  4. Set aside for taxes – Be prepared, track, know, and properly plan ahead. 
  5. Keep Regular Records – This is all about doing the little things right. 
  6. Monitor Accounts Payable – Accounts payable is one of the major components of your cash flow.
  7. Put It On Plastic – Make sure you leave a digital paper trail. 
  8. Set Calendar Reminders – Amongst all the other demands on your time, it’s super easy to push your books off. 
  9. Review Accounts Receivable – Business owners are far too relaxed when it comes to collecting their money
The Personal Touch
Voxer access to Margo
3 financial development calls per month
3 spot calls for emergencies
Email support and access to MM Accounting resource library
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Month end reconciliation
Deposit and expenses matched against bank statements
Categorization of expenses
Profit and loss statement preparation
Balance sheet preparation (including asset and liability review)
Advanced and customizable financial reporting
Asset analysis
Signup Bonus
Mapping session
SWOT analysis


Return of Investment

Hire a bookkeeper to take care of monthly bills, process payroll and update monthly books

Example from the pastClient A hired MBS to take care of all accounting process instead of hiring an in house staff.

They hired our team at MBS to do all activities regarding bookkeeping including payroll.

Our team began by implementing processes to keep the entire staff organized and maintain a steady flow as to not pressure the group.

Processes implemented:

  1. Payroll reimbursements and deductions for the period must be sent 24 hours in advanced
  2. A spreadsheet is prepared for payroll that will contain all changes to payroll
  3. New employees information are to be sent the same day they are hired
  4. Invoices that need to be issues should have quotation and/or breakdown to the client in order to promote accuracy
  5. If emails are urgent, they should be tagged as urgent when being sent

Our team then organized weekly calls to assist with business development.

What was discussed and implemented:

  1. Vendor payments will be processed on the non payroll weeks so that payroll always had sufficient funds
  2. A monthly budget of all recurring expenses was created and distributed to the office manager so he was aware of all upcoming expenses
  3. The bank was managed and check daily by team MBS to ensure there was always adequate funds for upcoming expenses
  4. Business strategies were discussed to ensure a steady flow of income into the business

Breakthroughs that improved the business:

  1. QuickBooks was always properly reconciled
  2. The company was always a step ahead of upcoming expenses
  3. The manager could focus on making sure funds were coming in since team MBS was focused on maintaining the books and paying the bills
  4. There were no surprises when it came to not having enough money
  5. Unnecessary expenses were reduced/removed based on they not being needed

What client received aside from breakthroughs:

  1. Weekly calls with team members to answer any questions
  2. Weekly reports on tasks completed during the week
  3. Update of issues that were found and processes that were implemented to solve these issues

The client was impressed and happy with the processes and organization that team MBS did.

What we do not do:
No sales expansion
Not help to raise capital
Work outside of scope
IRS level of communications

Remove bonuses – detail Available