Sometimes it feels like there are two kinds of people in the world: creative and non-creative people. Many of us simply assume that creativity is something other people have. Also, most entrepreneurs or business owners assume creativity is only in painters, musicians or writers. However, that’s not exactly true.

The truth is: creativity often fuels the success of many businesses. For example, Apple became the global tech giant it is by introducing us to gadgets fueled by a sense of futuristic imagination. Would Apple be Apple without creativity? Of course not. Creativity isn’t just about artistry.

If you want your business to thrive and survive, you’ll need to tap into your inner creativity to make it happen. Virtual CFOs are a product of creative thinking – a way to make the bookkeeping process as convenient as possible. In this post, we’ll discuss the ways that creativity and imagination can help your business flourish.


What is Creativity?

Basically, creativity describes the creation of something new and valuable. In a business setting, creativity can involve the merging of several old concepts in order to create a completely new idea.

Since we already mentioned Apple, let’s discuss their most influential product: the iPhone. It’s a perfect example of innovation and creativity in action. In addition to Apple (mentioned above), Netflix represents a unique business model as well. Originally, they offered DVD rentals through the mail. Then, they offered online streaming. Netflix took two familiar concepts and fused them into a totally new creation.


Why You Need Business Creativity

Often, creativity deserves credit for business growth. It’s not just about avoiding procrastination or being efficient and organized. But, most business owners believe themselves to be anything but creative. One university study examined winners of the Cannes Lions award for excellence in marketing and advertising. The companies that utilized the most creative methods, according to the study, also had the greatest net value, the greatest shareholder returns, and the most organic revenue growth.

Another reason why creativity is vital for your growth is that it can help your business set itself apart. Developing something entirely new and distinctive is the backbone of a creative business. Once a company applies their new, distinct identity, it will stand out in a saturated market. Additionally, it will get the attention of new customers and develop a group of loyal, repeat customers.


How to Be Creative in Business

Unfortunately, too many people believe creativity is inherent and can’t be learned. How many times have you heard: “I’m just not creative?” A lack of creativity isn’t permanent, it’s just a temporary state of being. It’s a lot like reading a new book or learning a new language. Of course you can learn how to be creative!

First, you should ask yourself about the problems your business faces and pay attention to the signs you need help. Also, ask yourself how you can stand out from your competitors. Find new ways to rework and rearrange those questions. Then, you can approach the issue from a totally different angle. As a result, you’ll develop a new solution to an old problem.

Often, creativity requires an ability to “connect the dots” between disparate things. You can begin seeing connections between different things by letting yourself explore interests that you enjoy but have nothing to do with your business. These experiences, ideas and hobbies might not have an obvious affiliation with your company now, but one day, you may reflect on an experience and get sudden inspiration that takes your company to the next level.


MM Accounting

Virtual CFOs represent a product of creative thinking in business. Basically, virtual CFOs present a new solution to an old problem. Remote bookkeeping, among its many benefits, is a way to strengthen and plan for your business in the most streamlined and convenient way possible. Therefore, enlisting a virtual CFO is a foolproof way to think creatively for your company.