One-Time Packages

One-time engagement packages available for those looking for a one-time accounting solution

Implementation Package


For any client that comes into a monthly engagement or CFO monthly package

Description: We set up and configure the complete accounting solution for the business

QuickBooks installation and set-up
Company file established
All tax accounts set up
QuickBooks training provided
Chart of Accounts established
Preferences and time-saving tools implemented
Initial balances set, and accounts reconciled
Invoices customized
Set up of 1099 subcontractors as well as all forms, emails and documents
Sales items entered with mapping to accounts
Set up items and or products

Tech Package


For an advanced client that needs a more robust system

Description: This package will be used in conjunction with the Advanced Accounting Package

Installation & Configuration of:
Receipt Bank

Clean-Up Package


Choose this package if you have an accounting system in place, but it isn’t effective

Description: Complete overhaul of an existing accounting system

Software program / versions reviewed and updated
Chart of Accounts reviewed and cleaned up
All accounts fully reconciled
Profit and loss statements reviewed and cleaned up
General ledger reviewed
Email invoicing features set up
Invoices customized
Time-saving tools reviewed, recommended and implemented
Accounts payable reviewed and cleaned up
Accounts receivable reviewed and cleaned up
1099 subcontractor forms reviewed and set up
QuickBooks audited
Overall business analyzed and reviewed