Hiring a bookkeeper to manage your finances and organize transactions is a critical job. At some point, most business owners realize they’re incapable of handling everything on their own and need help. When searching for a bookkeeper, it’s important to dedicate time to finding the right match. A bookkeeper will be handling important financial documents, you want someone that will have your best interest in mind. Great bookkeepers act as if they’re part of your team and below are some qualities of the best bookkeepers.


Best Bookkeeping Qualities


Attention to Detail:

Any bookkeeper should be extremely detail oriented and have the ability to notice missing pieces or errors in financial documents. In order for businesses to run successfully, their books should be legitimate and accurate. Hiring a bookkeeper with skills in paying attention to detail, will allow proper paperwork to be filed and no errors to go unnoticed.

Accounting Knowledge:
Although there’s a big difference between bookkeepers and accountants, if you’re bookkeeper understands accounting terms, they can easily report to accountants when necessary.


Many businesses hire bookkeepers simply because organizing financial documents can turn into a headache.  Keeping your books organized will help you have a hassle free tax season and it avoids errors in documents.

Technologically Advanced:

In today’s day and age there’s always need apps and software designed to make your life easier. A great quality for todays bookkeeper includes an understanding of the latest bookkeeping software. Although the most common software is QuickBooks, it’s important to be able to have knowledge of other payroll and bookkeeping applications. Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services is a QuickBooks certified professional who can also navigate other bookkeeping systems.

Client Focused:

When a bookkeeper is concerned about your company, they’re more likely to go the extra mile.

Communication Skills:

When hiring a professional to manage your finances your granting permission for them to communicate on your behalf with other financial institutions. It’s imperative any bookkeeper can effectively communicate through phone, email or paper. When using a bookkeeper, you want them to be personable and capable of developing positive relationships, with people they’re doing business with.

Easily Accessible:

It’s important your bookkeeper can be easily reached. If your bookkeeper is handling payroll services and a problem occurs, an easily accessible bookkeeping company should be available to help. Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services provides both onsite and remote bookkeeping services in order to better serve the individuals business needs.


If you’re in need of professional bookkeeping services contact us today for more information, we’d love to hear from you. We provide exceptional bookkeeping services for businesses across the New York City area.