Kathleen Walsh Principal, Kathleen Walsh Interiors

Margo and her staff have been instrumental in the development of my business. In order to grow, I needed to start outsourcing some key tasks and wanted someone I could trust and someone who would be open to working with a small business.

Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services has answered both needs with a flexible working arrangement and a critical analysis of what needed to be done to ensure long-term efficiency. The files are now well organized, Margo and her staff are very responsive to questions, and the scale of our working relationship has grown with the pace of my business growth. I trust their work and that alone affords me the peace of mind to address my other business needs. My investment has paid off and it shows with on-time billings to clients, monthly reconciliation of my accounts, organized quarterly and annual reports for tax filings, and most important, new found free time on weekends! I highly recommend their services.