As leaders of New York City’s bookkeeping industry, Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services understands the importance of team work and employee communication. We are experts in bookkeeping not only because of our incredible math and accounting skills, but also because of our ability to communicate effectively and work as a team. Dedicating time to promote teamwork and notable communication within your business, will have a substantial effect on its success. We always encourage all of our clients taking avantage of our bookkeeping services to practice the following tips.

Tips for Successful Team Work


Team Building Exercises

At Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services we believe team building exercises can help boost company morale and build employee confidence.
When participating in team building exercises, it helps if you relate the excercises to your industry. This way you can create motivation for employees to work diligently and finish tasks on time. For example, as a bookkeeping firm it would be fun to create activities based upon numbers or some other related accounting subject.


Teaching Employees How to Communicate Together

When brainstorming ideas or looking for new ways to streamline work tasks, it’s important to watch what you say. Everyone is entitle to their opinion but being sensitive to others feelings is vital to maintain positive group dynamics. When brainstorming ideas you’re better off avoiding words such as “that’s not a good idea,” or “your wrong.” It’s ok not to agree with someone as long as you are polite and carefully choose your words.


Constant Team Examination

When working as a team it’s important to consistently re-evaluate goals and track progress. If one of the employees is falling short of responsibilities, routine evaluations will spot this right away. If an employee is having trouble completing their end of the group work, routine evaluation will help solve the problem promptly. Sometimes work loads are distributed un-evenly or one part of a project requires more work than anticipated. Another situation could be the person is not holding their weight and needs improvement. What ever the circumstance may be, proper team examination will help solve the problem by analyzing the factors contributing to the problem.


Provide Positive and Negative Feedback

When working together on group projects positive feedback linked with negative feedback tends to always get better results. If there’s a task someone is doing wrong they usually take the criticism more lightly when it’s attached with a positive note. Also many employee can easily get caught in what’s going wrong and forget to give credit where its due.


Are you currently implementing teamwork and communication activities within your company? Have any tips of your own? Post a comment we’d love to hear from you.