Whether your a small business owner single-handedly managing operations, or a large corporation, proper invoicing requires specific planning, execution and tracking. Our team includes many members specializing different facets of the financial world. We provide efficient bookkeeping services throughout the New York City area for businesses big and small.

Before creating invoices it’s important to choose a bookkeeping management system, construct an invoice layout and develop a billing policy.

Invoice Layout:

Many online bookkeeping systems include a pre-written invoice or custom invoice generators. Other important parts of your invoice include the company logo and custom thank you note.

Billing Policies:

If you plan on charging late fees or implementing due dates it’s best to create concrete rules that apply for all customers. Implementing these rules or policies will create incentives for customers to pay bills on time as well as make up for time spent tracking down customers who have outstanding invoices.

Invoice Management System:

The most popular bookkeeping or accounting software is QuicKBooks because of it’s functionality and convenient features. Using an online management system will allow for efficiency and leave little room for error. We employ QuickBooks certified professionals, our bookkeepers are also proficient in many other online bookkeeping programs.

Once your invoicing plan is set in place, you can follow these tips to make certain bills are being satisfied. Getting your invoices paid is a two way street, if you want to get paid, it’s important your consistent with your invoice strategy.

Invoicing Tips:

  • Create Recurring Invoices – If your billing clients monthly recurring invoices will help avoid any overdue payments on your end.
  • Save Time with Pre-Detailed Items/Services – Many bookkeeping management programs like QuickBooks will allow you to save services or items which will save you time having to go back and fill the same description each time. Many programs will also come equipped with an invoice copy or duplicate feature.
  • Send Invoices Immediately – As soon as you complete a job or ship out a product an invoice should be sent. Promptly sending invoices will keep you from making mistakes or forgetting to bill.
  • Create Automated Payment Notices – Using automated payment invoices will save yourself time and allow you to keep reminding customers without appearing to pushy.
  • Include Custom Notes – Adding a friendly note with each invoice, allows the process to appear more personal.

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