Some businesses prefer to hire a bookkeeping consultant to improve their current bookkeeping system while others just need help getting their books in order. Either way, Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services creates proven strategies that fuel business growth and allow you to fully understand the health of your business.

Why exactly is the health of your books so Important? This will allow you to make better business decisions and monitor all transactions involved during the process. Perhaps you’re paying unnecessary bank fees or being charged for services you don’t need, over time these charges add up to a lot. Here you’ll find 5 reasons hiring a bookkeeping consultant can help you.


1. Develop A Valuable Bookkeeping System

Bookkeeping consultants can help setup a framework for you to manage the finances of your business. By implementing a system that will organize your expenses, payroll and other financial statements, your business with be set to run much smoother. The development process will include analyzing the current financial situation, organizing transactions and creating a plan that fits your need.


2. Fueling Business Growth

Once a bookkeeper assesses your financial situation you’ll be able to gain insights on where your business may need improvements. If there’s nobody handling your expenses and managing the books it will be hard to measure progress. On the other side, if someones managing your bookkeeping incorrectly it can be just as detrimental. A consultant will asses you’re current transactions and help you make better decisions to cut costs and increase profits.


3. Avoid Year End Scrambling

Many clients wait until last minute to organize their year end finances; as a consultant our greatest suggestion is consistent management of your bookkeeping throughout the whole year. By keeping finances up to date, it will save you work and unnecessary stress. Waiting last minute to organize taxes can result in your CPA having to handle the reconciling of accounts, which can cost you almost triple the amount of money per hour.


4. Learn How To Process Payroll Correctly

Whether you have 1 or 25 employees an effective payroll process is vital. If you fail to pay your employee correctly you could run the risk of missing out on possible tax exemptions. Other payroll mistakes can run the risk of you paying an extra 10% in year end fees. Custom payroll options will allow tracking of paychecks, vacation and sick days.


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