Whether you’re a new or existing business making the decision to hire a bookkeeper can be extremely beneficial for your company. Hiring a bookkeeper can help you save expenses and keep your finances organized. The first step in hiring a bookkeeper is to research the best bookkeeping firms, as well as decide what exactly you need your bookkeeper to do.

Contact Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services for a free business analysis. After figuring out the exact bookkeeping services that can help your business, there are important questions that should be asked. The following questions are important for making sure you’re getting the best possible bookkeeping or payroll services.

What are your Credentials?

Bookkeepers are not required to be licensed in the field, because of this rule it’s important to understand their individual abilities and credentials. There are key indicators whether or not your bookkeeper is equipped to handle your businesses finances, simply examine their training and education background. All of our staff are QuickBooks certified and have received special bookkeeping certifications to stay up to date and relevant in the industry.

What is your past Experience?

Although many elements of bookkeeping are universal, hiring bookkeepers with experience in the industry will always streamline the process. Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services has a full staff of bookkeepers with a wide array of experience throughout many industries. Many of our staff are specialist in Real Estate Bookkeeping along with other areas of expertise.

What is your Availability?

The availability of your bookkeeper is a key indication on how beneficial they’ll be for your business. The amount of time you need a bookkeeper will depend on the size of your business, clients and financial responsibilities. Bookkeepers can be available part-time, full time, on-site or on an as-needed basis. We offer on-site and remote bookkeeping, because we understand not one business is the same. Our main concern is to provide adequate services that will satisfy your financial needs. When deciding which bookkeeper to use always keep the quality of their custom service as most important.

What Skills do they Possess?

Is your bookkeeper familiar with reconciling bank accounts? Are they detail oriented? If 0.55 cents is unaccounted for how much time will be allocated toward identifying this error? These are all vital questions you should ask when brining a new financial bookkeeper into your business. If your bookkeeper is not organized or capable of problem solving you could potentially do more harm than good.

Asking the questions listed above is just as important as the answers you’ll receive. By simply meeting with a potential bookkeeper and asking questions, you’ll be able to analyze their communication skills and qualifications. Need help finding a bookkeeper? You’ve certainly reached the write place, contact Heartfelt CFO and Tax Services today for custom payroll and bookkeeping solutions.

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