There are many reasons why Long Island businesses outsource their bookkeeping tasks. As owners, business leaders have many responsibilities and maintaining accurate books can be time consuming and prevent other important tasks from being accomplished. While some firms have decided to work with remote bookkeepers outside of Long Island, others know that a local Long Island bookkeeper can provide more personalized services. Margo’s Bookkeeping understands what local businesses need. He bookkeeping services are reliable, affordable, and customizable for Long Island businesses. If you are ready to take a much-needed break from QuickBooks, contact Margo’s Bookkeeping to find out about her bookkeeping rates and related services.

Your business can stand to gain when it contracts with Long Island Bookkeepers like Margo’s Bookkeeping. A local provider can meet with your face to face to discuss questions or issues, pick up materials in person, and get to know your business in person. There are benefits to gain when you work with a Long Island bookkeeper and a risk for failure when you contract with a remote provider. Hire local and discover what a difference Margo’s Bookkeeping can make for your business.

Long Island Bookkeepers Prioritize Accounts Receivable

New York businesses rely on accounts receivable to keep their business operating smoothly. These funds are frequently a business’s ‘life blood.’ Long Island Bookkeepers like Margo’s Bookkeeping understand how important payments from clients and customers are to Long Island business owners. Your Long Island bookkeeper should prioritize your accounts receivable payments so that you know your margin of profit with real-time accuracy.

When you hire Margo’s Bookkeeping to keep track of your business’s accounts receivable, you can rely on Margo and her team to maintain accurate records of payment. You’ll know who still owes you and if you forgot to send an invoice. Accurate accounts receivable records are crucial for business’s tax documentation too. Margo’s record-keeping makes your account’s work flow easier when it’s time to do the annual taxes.

Long Island Bookkeepers Improve Cash Flow for Small Businesses

Business owners have a lot on their plate. On any given day, they need to communicate with customers, manage staff, evaluate supply chain problems, check inventory, and so much more. Small Long Island business owners often wear many hats, but as a business grows, it may become impossible to perform all tasks—or perform them well. Working with a professional Long Island bookkeeper frees owners to worry about other aspects of their business while Margo maintains the books and helps business owners improve their cash flow.

Margo’s Bookkeeping can help business owners design solid internal processes for performing accounts receivable duties and documenting all communications with clients regarding invoicing and payments. More streamlined accounts receivable translates to improved cash flow for businesses. Your Long Island bookkeeper can also scout for potentially costly errors. Accurately maintained finance records can also improve cash flow inefficiencies. Margo features many built-in processes that underscore her reputation for accurate record keeping for all types of businesses she serves.

The Difference Long Island Bookkeepers Make

Support your business by entrusting bookkeeping duties to experienced Long Island bookkeepers like Margo’s Bookkeeping. Margo features custom services and pricing for her clients. As your business grows, you may choose to increase your workload for Margo and her team. While you might think you can save money by hiring a freelance bookkeeper out of state or far from Long Island to provide you with bookkeeping solutions, you are apt to find that this is a cumbersome arrangement and not nearly as cost-effective as you hoped.

While you might be contemplating hiring a bookkeeper to your team for full or part-time work, it’s actually less costly to hire a Long Island bookkeeper to provide these services. When you contact Margo’s Bookkeeping, she can discuss her cost-effective solutions for New York businesses like yours. In addition to accounts receivable duties, your Long Island bookkeeper can also provide record-keeping services such as:

  • Salary / payroll taxes
  • PTO and employee benefit costs
  • Staff / business overhead
  • Unemployment costs
  • Recruiting / hiring costs and other costs as well

Save yourself the trouble of hiring the wrong bookkeeper and choose an experienced Long Island bookkeeper like Margo’s Bookkeeping. Margo’s Bookkeeping has a reputation for outstanding communication with clients, accurate and efficient bookkeeping performance, and competitive rates. These are just some of the reasons this Long Island firm has enjoyed serving so many long-term area clients. Start prioritizing your business’s cash flow with services from Margo and her team—and unload the headache of bookkeeping tasks!